Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Fling

So last night we took Brayden to Naperville's Last Fling. He had never been to a carnival before, so we just kept telling him we had a surprise for him (worked great as bribery to take a nap!). We weren't really sure how he would handle it - at first he seemed scared to death but then he wanted to fight through the crowd of people to be the first in line. He didn't quite get the concept of having to have tickets to ride things, or that only so many kids could fit on one ride at a time. He seemed to think that it was just like going to the parkWe were starting to get frustrated with him and were just going to take him home, but after seeing his face once he finally got on a ride it was all worth it! He had so much fun and really enjoyed everything he rode on. He still struggled with waiting in line, but I think it's just because he was soooo excited!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Wow - 2 blogs in one night!! And I very rarely blog at all...
We just sat down with Brayden to say his goodnight prayers. Here is what he had to say:
"Thank you Jesus for my Sharon" (his daycare teacher)
"Thank you for the store. I got a cookie."
"Thank you for my friends."
"Love you Jesus. Goodnight Jesus. Amen."
Nice to know he is thankful for his wonderful parents!!!

Adventures in Savannah

We went to Savannah Georgia this past weekend for Dave's wedding. The wedding itself was beautiful and wonderful, but the weekend was filled with story after story. Here is the abbreviated version (it would be pages for me to give all details):
Thurs 8am - My sister calls to tell me she thinks she's in labor (she isn't due until 8/25). Her water didn't "break" like normal, but it seemed to be leaking out. She went to the hospital and was told her water did not break and they sent her home. Our flight left at 1:30 and the trip down there was pretty uneventful.
Fri 8am - My mom calls to tell me my sister is having her baby - they had gone to the hospital in the middle of the night and found out she had been leaking amniotic fluid for an entire day. Everything went well and my new neice Bailee Laine Proctor was born around 11:30 am.
Fri 6pm - The boys are at the rehearsal, and Laura, Lauren and I are having appetizers on the 13th floor (thanks to Brad being a Hilton Honors member!). We see a fire out the window several blocks away. Someone turns on the news - it is an underground electrical fire. The power goes out. We walk down 10 flights of stairs to our room and attempt to get ready with no electricity or air conditioner (in 90 degree, 90% humidity Savannah weather).
Fri 8pm - We walk several blocks to the rehearsal dinner b/c the street the restaurant is on was closed down b/c of the fire. The restaurant is on the 2nd floor. It has no power. Dinner was by candlelight, with no a/c. The food was amazing.
Fri 10pm - We get back to the hotel, which still has no power and are told it will not be back on until noon Sat. We gather a few clothes by flashlight and go find another hotel.
Sat am - Power is still not on at the Hilton, which is where the reception is planned for that night. They have to come up with a back up plan. Luckily the power comes back on around 11:30. We go back and get ready for wedding.
Sat after wedding - We run back to the room before heading up to the reception and cannot get in. They replaced the lock earlier that afternoon and it closed itself when we left. We had maintenance get us back in the room, only to then be locked in b/c the lock was put on crooked nad was sticking. I had them rip the whole thing off - we didn't use it anyway.
Sun 12am - Will calls Rubin. He had gone out with some friends after the reception (we headed to bed) and witnessed a robbery at a convenience store. He has to tackle the guy and hold him on the ground until the police got there. He leaves and 2 blocks down the street watches a Jeep hit a guy on a motorcycle and then drive away. He gets the description of the vehicle and calls the police. He was the Savannah Superhero of the weekend.
Sun - fairly normal day...took a trolley tour of the city. Witnessed a drug deal in the middle of the street.
Sun 11pm - Board the plane to head home. Pilot leaves. Flight attendants tell us our pilots were needed to fly another plane, and unfortunately they can't turn the air on w/out a pilot in the cockpit. We sat there for over an hour before they finally found someone to fly our plane. It was getting difficult to breathe.
Mon 2am - Finally get home, think we are getting to sleep in for at least a little while
Mon 5am - Phone rings. Rubin's parents had watched Brayden overnight on Sunday. My sister-in-law had gone into labor and they were going to the hospital and needed us to come get Brayden.
Mon 8am - I called into work b/c I was dead. We drove to the city to see the twins...2 more new neices, Claire and Jillian!
Mon 1pm - Get home, eat lunch, leave for doctor's appt.
Mon 9pm - Finally got sleep!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So Rubin and I often call each other "babe", especially when we are yelling from one room to another asking a question. Brayden obviously hears us, and now thinks that both of our names are Babe. He will just casually ask one of us "Hey babe, can I have some juice?" Most of the time he has only done this at home, and we think it is cute so we don't really correct him, but he is starting to do it more often. This morning we were sitting on the couch and he asked Rubin something, and called him babe. I explained to him that his name is not Babe, it's Daddy, and he looked me in the eyes and said "No, that's Babe." I hope it is just a phase?

Friday, August 8, 2008

TV Night

Tonight I am laying on the couch watching TV. There are a million other things I should be doing, but I'm tired and it's Friday. Right now I'm watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and it is amazing. I haven't watched the Olympics in years, but used to love them as a kid, especially the summer ones since I was home from school and could watch them all day long. Once I get bored with this (which may be a while from now), I have to watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. It didn't come on until 11 last night because of the Bears game, so I still don't know who won and have been avoiding the news all day in case I accidentally saw it somewhere! I hope it's Joshua!

Friday, August 1, 2008

What a day...

So I had to take the day off today to stay home with Brayden because his daycare is closed. We had a pretty busy day. We had a patio poured today, so they were here at 7:30 to get started, and Brayden was in heaven. There was a truck, a tractor, and a dump truck at our house and he loved it. He didn't really like the fact that he couldn't ride the tractor, but he just stood at the door watching them work. Then we left and drove up to Carol Stream to meet some people from work for lunch because today was Sara's last day. I normally would be thrilled to have to stay home from work on a Friday but I was really sad that I couldn't be there today because we are really close. They did a little going away party for her this afternoon and I missed it, but at least we got to be there for lunch. Then Brayden fell asleep on the way home and wouldn't go back to sleep when we got home, so his nap was about 20 minutes today, which leaves me with a cranky kid for the rest of the day. Then, to top it off, he attempted to eat his first booger. I freaked out and was able to successfully dig it out of his mouth, but then I spent the next 5 minutes gagging and trying not to throw up. Now when I'm done folding this load of laundry (gag), we have to go to the grocery store because I have no food in my house. And it's only 5 o'clock...