Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brayden-isms of the week

So this week (like most) has been full of funny stories about Brayden. Each day I have meant to post a blog but never got around to it, so here is a summary:
  • We drove his car around the block. We had to stop every 5-10 feet to "put gas in it", which meant putting grass in it. The normal 15 minute walk around the block took almost an hour, but at least it was a nice day

  • We came home from the store the other day, and he was upset that my van was wet from the rain. Before I realized it, he had found a used paper towel in the garage and proceeded to dry it off

  • Tonight we were in bed reading Brown Bear, and when we got to the goldfish page, he asked if he could ride a dolphin. He had seen a Discovery Cove commercial earlier today and somehow this triggered that he needed to ride one.

  • At some point this week, he developed an obsession with "chocolate" (snack pack pudding, which he had never eaten before in his life), and carried one of the containers around for an entire day kissing it and "keeping it safe". He did finally try one and actually ate some of it.