Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Brayden-isms

We're sitting at the table eating lunch last week, and Brayden tells me:
"I"m not 4 yet, I'm just still 3. When my birthday is here, I'll be 4 and I'll get a birthday cake. I love birthday cake, and birthday cake loves me! Can I give my birthday cake a kiss?"
"Can I give my birthday cake a hug?"
"Umm, probably not a good idea"
"It might make a mess. I would get birthday cake all over. For my birthday I'm going to sit in my beach chair and my friends are going to come in a limo to come play with me."
He has become obsessed with the beach lately - he says he wants his birthday party at the beach. Hope he's not too upset when everyone shows up here instead!

He calls the sidewalk a "People Street" Makes sense to me...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Cameron had his 2 month check up on Tuesday (he was 2 1/2 months by then) and the doctor said he is absolutely perfect! (which I already knew, of course) He is 13 lbs 8 oz and 24 in long, both in the 75th percentile. I think he's going to be smaller than Brayden - Brayden was long and skinny. His length was always in the 99th percentile until about a year ago when he leveled off at the 90th. Cameron seems more solid but has smaller features.
Cam had 4 vaccines on Tues - 3 shots and 1 by mouth - and he has just finally started acting like himself again today. He has been pretty cranky all week, and that is not like him at all. He is such an easy-going baby. Everyone in Arkansas commented on how quiet and happy he is. He never cries, and just loves to lay in the floor and kick and talk. He is sitting in his bouncy seat right now just kicking and smiling. Yesterday he screamed every time I put him in there.
Here is an awesome picture from playing outside the other day - this may be one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken of him!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goodnight Kiss

First of all - do I have to come up with a title for all of my stinking posts? I was always a decent writer in school, but have had trouble coming up with titles my whole life. Ugh.
Anyway, I woke up at 4:30 this morning with Brayden standing next to my bed crying. "Mommy you didn't give me a goodnight kiss" (Rubin had put him to bed last night and told him that I would stop by his room and give him a kiss when I put Cameron down. Well, I ended up holding Cam and letting him sleep on my chest, so I didn't put him to bed until we went to bed at 11, and Brayden was already asleep by then. I gave him a kiss but he didn't know it.) So I get up and walk him back to his room, lay him in bed, kiss him and tell him I love him. He cried. "But you have to say goodnight" Tried saying it as I was walking out the door, but that wasn't good enough. I had to walk back to his bed and say goodnight AS I kissed him. I think he was back asleep before I made it out of his room.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it home on Monday, and the flight home wasn't terrible, but it didn't go as smoothly as the flight down there. It was completely full so I had to hold Cameron, and Brayden was tired and cranky. Oh, and I got to experience changing a poopy diaper in an airplane bathroom...interesting. This is Brayden on the ride home from the airport.

Easter weekend we were at my grandma's house, who lives on a farm, and Brayden had a blast. He got to ride 2 tractors, a 4 wheeler, and took a trailer ride down to the creek. He dyed Easter eggs, played trucks with my cousin's 2 and 1/2 year old son, and opened Christmas presents (first time we've been down since then) - and this was all just on Saturday! The weather was beautiful and he had a very full and busy day.

Easter Sunday was cold and pouring down rain. We planned to get a picture of the boys and Bailee (my 8 month old niece) all dressed up in their Easter outfits, but we were rushed getting out the door for church (about 12 ppl sharing one shower) and then by the time we got home we were all soaking wet. We spent the afternoon at my aunt's and Brayden played with all of my "little" cousins. I remember them all being his age, but they are all 7-16 now. Crazy. He actually enjoys playing with older kids, and they were all really good with him. He played so hard that day that he just walked in the living room around 5:00, didn't say a word, laid down on the floor and passed out within seconds.

Oh, and while we were gone, my wonderful husband had our entire downstairs painted, the basement stairs carpeted, our bathroom countertop refinished, and had laminate wood floors installed in the kitchen/family room. The house looks amazing, but now I have a TON of work to do to put everything back where it belongs. Oh, and I plan to paint the kitchen cabinets and table, so if anyone enjoys that kind of stuff feel free to come hang out for a day or 2!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Arkansas Update

So everyone has been asking how the flight went with the boys. It was great! The plane was only about 1/2 full, so I was able to keep Cameron in his car seat and put him on one side of me and Brayden sat on the other. It was nice to have my hands free to be able to deal with both of them. It was also great that nobody was sitting in front of Brayden so it didn't matter that he kicked the seat about a million times. Hopefully the flight home is just as empty! All was well, and then we landed. Here is our conversation:
B: "Mommy, I don't want to go to the airport, I want to go to Arkansas!!" (while crying)
Me: "Honey, we are in Arkansas. The airport is in Arkansas"
B: "No it's not! I said I don't want to go to the airport. I want to go to Arkansas and to Nana's house!" (by this time everyone is standing in the aisles and laughing at him, which made him more angry)
Me: "Baby, we are in Arkansas - what do you think Arkansas looks like?"
B: "It's tall. It's like a store"
I somehow convinced him that if he got off the plane maybe he would find Arkansas in the airport somewhere. As soon as we got inside, he looked at me and said "See, this IS Arkansas! I TOLD you!!"
Crisis avoided. He is such a goofball.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 Months

Cameron is 2 months old today! In a way it seem like it has gone by so fast, and in a way it seems like he has been around forever. He is a super sweet and snuggly baby, and I love holding him while he sleeps on my chest. He still hasn't been back to the doctor since his 2 week check up - but according to my scale he weighs 12 and 1/2 pounds. He is such a little chunk! He is a super good baby and is so easy, but still is not sleeping through the night. He has actually been waking up a lot more often the past week or so. I think it's because I had been putting him down on his stomach, but then I got paranoid about it and have been putting him on his back and he just doesn't seem to be as comfortable or sleep as well. I have also tried just giving him his paci when he wakes up, but that doesn't work - the boy is hungry! I think I'm going to start trying cereal in his bottle and see if that helps. We are leaving in 2 days to go to Arkansas for over a week - we leave Saturday afternoon and don't come back until the day after Easter! I am so excited to spend time with my family - my mom is the only one who has met him so far and my dad and sisters are dying to meet him! (I have a brother too but I don't think it's really killing him too much - he's not too fond of babies...) Rubin isn't going with us, so the airport/flight with both boys by myself should be interesting, but I'm really excited and not too worried. I think they'll both do fine. Poor Rubin is going to be lonely while we're gone, but I'm sure he will find things to do. I will update when we get back!!