Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bedtime Prayers

Tonight we were saying bedtime prayers and this is somewhat how it went (I need to start recording what this kid says so I remember everything):
He first said his typical "Dear Jesus, thank you for my mom, thank you for my dad, and thank you for Cameron. Amen. Oh and I love you Jesus. Amen."
Last week in church they talked about the Phillipines and how the people there live in dangerous conditions, don't have clean water, etc., so we have been praying for them. Tonight we explained to Brayden that the kids there don't have toys to play with, and wouldn't he want to take some of the toys he doesn't play with anymore and send them to the kids there. He said, "No, I think I'll keep all of these toys." At first we were thinking that we had an extremely selfish child, but then he explained that he needed to keep his toys because they aren't "cool enough" for those kids so we should buy them new ones. Then he said that we should get them new houses and bring them to this town where it is not dangerous. Here is how the rest of the conversation with himself went:
"Hmm, but how would we get the house here? We could just build the house and pick it up and bring it here. But how would we carry it? I have an idea! A house truck! House trucks can fly. Well, maybe they can't, but helicopters can pick up things, so they can pick up house trucks! So we will build a house and put it on the house truck and the helicopter will bring it to this town and all the kids can live here and everyone will be safe"
If only it were that easy...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Little Star

Brayden was "Star of the Week" at preschool this week!! Each day he got to bring something special to school to show the other kids. Monday he got to bring in pictures of himself to be put on the class bulletin board. Tuesday was his favorite book - he chose one that we read for the first time ever on Saturday night, but he loved it and said it was his new favorite (until next week). Wednesday he got to bring in a favorite CD or computer game. The only games we play are online (Webkinz,, etc), and we don't really have a CD he listens to, so he took the Go Cubs Go song. Both of his teachers are die-hard Cardinals fans, so they absolutely loved having to smile and pretend to like it and not hurt his feelings :) Today he brought in his favorite toy, his remote control car that doesn't even work right.
Another fun part of being the Star is that he got to bring home the class monkey Bananas and take care of him this week. Brayden was so cute and did such a good job taking care of him. The other night we were walking into the garage in the dark and I heard him comforting Bananas and telling him that he would keep him safe. Soooo cute ;) He told me this morning on the way down the stairs and he was going to miss him so much. He has never really latched on to any of his stuffed animals - maybe we should get him a special one...
Here are some pictures of us at the park with Bananas yesterday.