Thursday, November 19, 2009

9 Month Update

So the weekly updates turned to monthly and now seem to be every 3 months. Oh well. I'm avoiding homework again.
Cameron's 9 month check up was yesterday and he is a giant. He is 20 lbs 8 oz and 31.5 inches, which is in the 96th percentile. I was curious and looked back at Brayden's chart, and he was about 2 lbs heavier and an inch taller at this age, but Cameron is definitely doing more. He is crawling, pulling up on furniture, giving high-5, and is very alert and all over the place. Yesterday he tried to stand up on his hands and feet on the kitchen floor and fell flat on his face. I'm sure he'll be walking by his 1st birthday. He has the most beautiful smile, the best laugh, and the biggest blue eyes, and he truly melts my heart. I love that little man.
I don't want to leave Brayden out. He is getting so smart. In the past month he has finally figured out how to play the Wii, and he can beat me at tennis and bowling if he really wants to. He has such a personality, and sometimes an attitude, but has the biggest heart and really just wants to be a good boy. We got his school portfolio to look at this week so we could decide if we wanted to do a conference or not. There was a note attached that they absolutely love having him in class and that he has such a willingness to learn. It's so nice to see that he is good for other people - now if I could just get him to be a perfect angel all the