Friday, September 3, 2010

I have a Kindergartner!!

Brayden has officially been in Kindergarten for a week now, and we are all exhausted!! He only goes to school for 1/2 day, but we are learning that maybe that's all he can handle. He absolutely loves school and says that he is having good days, but the fact that his teacher called after Day 2 to talk about him being "animated" makes me wonder how well he is really doing... I guess we'll find out soon enough! He is trying really hard and I am super proud of him. I love this little man so much and am very blessed to be his mom.

Monday, July 12, 2010


First of all, when did my little boy grow up??? I can't believe he is starting kindergarten in just over a month. Crazy!
We are in the Oswego school district, which I have heard nothing but wonderful things about, but we are pretty disappointed that they only offer 1/2 day kindergarten. We just got the official notice that he will go in the mornings - the hours are 8:40 to 11:15. He was in preschool longer than that! We have just recently started to consider putting him in a private school that is all day, but of course we have waited a long time to even start the search so I don't know what the chances are of things working out. Plus it's expensive vs free. We had never even really considered private school before since we are in a good district, but I am really starting to think that it might be worth it just for this year to have him in the structure of a full day program.
We definitely welcome any suggestions and opinions as we consider the options!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I have learned this week....

1 - Being a single mom is hard. No matter how independent and strong I think I am, I need my husband. He has been gone since Tues and is coming home Sun. I can't wait :)
2 - Filling a pool takes forever.
3 - No matter how level the ground may seem to the naked eye, when you fill a pool with water you see just how uneven it is. And it takes just as long to drain as it does to fill....
4 - A busted lip on a 16 month old looks much worse than it is.
5 - My Shark steam mop works really well to clean blood off a white tile floor.
6 - Brayden is not a huge fan of playing t-ball, and 3 games in one week is a little much (especially when I'm dragging both boys there by myself).
7 - Eating too much and not running for a week = gaining weight.
8 - Always make sure doors are unlocked before you go outside without keys. Maybe we should hide a key outside somewhere...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have a fridge in our garage, and I went out there this morning to grab Brayden a drink. I was half dressed - in a tank top and underwear, while my shorts were tumbling in the dryer. Brayden followed me out - also in a t-shirt and underwear - and closed the door behind him. I had locked the door last night, which we never ever do, but Rubin is out of town so I guess I was just being extra careful for whatever reason. So...I try to go back inside and realize that both of us are locked out of the house, with no pants on. After having a slight panic attack, I realized my only option was to somehow go break in through a window in the back yard, but I had no idea how to get there without giving all of the neighbors a major peep show! I found a blanket in the garage and wrapped it around my waist and we made a run for it. Of course the neighbors across the street were setting up for a garage sale and the old man next door was standing in his garage having a cigarette. I just ignored them and ran :)
Couldn't get the screen out of the window so I just ripped it and threw Brayden through to come unlock the back door for me (yeah, I left the windows unlocked, but I'm very thankful for that now!!).
So, needless to say, we had an eventful morning! Thank God Cameron was still asleep and not running around the house like a wild child :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Safety Town

So Brayden has Safety Town this week and he has been looking forward to it for months. Today was the first day and I was asking him about it tonight. He is somewhat how the conversation went:

Me: So what did you learn today? Did any policemen or firemen come and talk to you?
B: Just a policeman. Just one.
Me: So what did he talk to you about?
B: It was a SHE, not a he. He just talked to us about being safe. You remember that time when I was like 3 when the policeman came to my school that day? Like when I was 3? I remember it all the way from a long time to go. And remember the firemans came too? They showed us around inside the ambulance and showed us where the hurt and died people go. When somebody is died and they have blood all over them it is just terrible, so they cover them up with a white sheet so you don't have to see how terrible it looks. Remember when Tupacs got shot? He got shot with a gun and he died. So when Tupacs got shot with a gun there was blood everywhere so they covered him up with the sheet because it was just terrible and they didn't want people to see how terrible it was.....

And then there was some sort of distraction. I still have no clue what the police officer talked to them about today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love my child

We got Brayden's portfolio from school this week, and there are some very cute, and of course hilarious, things in it. Here is one of my favorites:

Can you re-tell the story of Noah's Ark?

B: Well when they got on the ark there was a big storm. The people got on the ark for 10 years. The rain storm came. The people fell off of course. They got eaten by a whale & octopus & a shark. It was not a lot of fun of course. And God said he would never flood the world ever again. So he made a rainbow. And that's all I have to tell you.

He absolutely loves school and his teachers are amazing. Although we are really excited for him to start kindergarten, I am so sad that he can't spend another year at his preschool, especially since his cousin Levi (who he absolutely adores) will be going there next year. He has learned so much more this year than he did last year and he constantly amazes me with how quickly he picks up new things. I am super proud of my crazy little man!

I know the blogging has been pretty much non-existent lately, but I only have 2 more weeks of school and I'm not taking any classes over the summer so I promise I'll get better (not that anyone really reads it anyway, so I don't know who I'm making this promise to...)

Oh, and Cameron is officially walking. He has been taking steps for a few months now but never really seemed to be able to get moving, but he is all over the place now and walks more than he crawls. I consider it official now that he can just stand up from the ground and walk without having to crawl over to something and pull up.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brayden-isms Part 5439487234

Mom- what the heckas are you doing?

Mom - is that a Mustang?
No buddy, it's a Dodge Charger.
A Dodge Charger? But cars don't need to be charged.

Mommy will you say another prayer?
I've already said 2 prayers, if you want another one then you need to say it.
I can't - I have the hiccups. I just get hiccups when Jesus talks to me.

Dropped him off at school yesterday and he was so proud of his muscles (b/c he was able to pull the paper towel out of the holder - it's the little things...) He walked around the classroom showing them to everyone, and one of the other boys said something to him about them. He told him "I can't show you my muscles. I can only show them to girls, not boys"
He is starting way too young....

Rubin just asked me what in the world "trans pheem" meant and that Brayden says it when he bowls a turkey in Wii bowling. It has apparently been driving him crazy for a while because he has no clue what Brayden is talking about and why he keeps saying this random word. I asked him what it meant and he said that it's when you get another turn. TENTH FRAME.

The things he says never cease to amaze me, and he always keeps me laughing. I'm sitting here watching him sleep on the couch next to me and he is such a big boy. I love this kid.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Where babies come from...

Was saying prayers with Brayden tonight, and thanked God for giving him to me. Brayden said - "God didn't give me to you. I was in your tummy. To make a boy, you get some dirt and squish it up really a lot. Then you push it in your belly really hard. Then you sneeze. You sneezed 2 times, so you have me and Cameron because you wanted a whole family"
Wow...he has a lot to learn. Love that kid!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Brayden: My fish is died.
Me: Does that make you sad? Or do you not really care?
B: I don't care.
Me: Why not?
B: I don't know. It was stinky. Now I just becided that I want a dog.
Me: Well dogs are a lot of work. You have to feed them and take them for walks, and if they poop in the house you have to clean it up. Maybe when you get older you can have one.
B: Yeah maybe when I'm 5........ Can I have a dog for my birthday?
Me:'ll have to ask your daddy about that.
B: I think I can get one for my birthday. But it better not poop at my party. I want my party to smell fresh.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I really am going to get better about posting things on here - especially what we fondly refer to as "Brayden-isms". Not a day goes by that this child does not make me laugh out loud at something he says. He is seriously a little comedian.
Tonight at dinner:
B- Mommy, I'm full.
Me - Okay, that's fine, but no snacks. If you're full, then you aren't hungry anymore and won't need anything else to eat tonight.
B - Oh. Well, how about I'm done. Does that work for me to get snacks?