Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brayden-isms Part 5439487234

Mom- what the heckas are you doing?

Mom - is that a Mustang?
No buddy, it's a Dodge Charger.
A Dodge Charger? But cars don't need to be charged.

Mommy will you say another prayer?
I've already said 2 prayers, if you want another one then you need to say it.
I can't - I have the hiccups. I just get hiccups when Jesus talks to me.

Dropped him off at school yesterday and he was so proud of his muscles (b/c he was able to pull the paper towel out of the holder - it's the little things...) He walked around the classroom showing them to everyone, and one of the other boys said something to him about them. He told him "I can't show you my muscles. I can only show them to girls, not boys"
He is starting way too young....

Rubin just asked me what in the world "trans pheem" meant and that Brayden says it when he bowls a turkey in Wii bowling. It has apparently been driving him crazy for a while because he has no clue what Brayden is talking about and why he keeps saying this random word. I asked him what it meant and he said that it's when you get another turn. TENTH FRAME.

The things he says never cease to amaze me, and he always keeps me laughing. I'm sitting here watching him sleep on the couch next to me and he is such a big boy. I love this kid.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Where babies come from...

Was saying prayers with Brayden tonight, and thanked God for giving him to me. Brayden said - "God didn't give me to you. I was in your tummy. To make a boy, you get some dirt and squish it up really a lot. Then you push it in your belly really hard. Then you sneeze. You sneezed 2 times, so you have me and Cameron because you wanted a whole family"
Wow...he has a lot to learn. Love that kid!