Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love my child

We got Brayden's portfolio from school this week, and there are some very cute, and of course hilarious, things in it. Here is one of my favorites:

Can you re-tell the story of Noah's Ark?

B: Well when they got on the ark there was a big storm. The people got on the ark for 10 years. The rain storm came. The people fell off of course. They got eaten by a whale & octopus & a shark. It was not a lot of fun of course. And God said he would never flood the world ever again. So he made a rainbow. And that's all I have to tell you.

He absolutely loves school and his teachers are amazing. Although we are really excited for him to start kindergarten, I am so sad that he can't spend another year at his preschool, especially since his cousin Levi (who he absolutely adores) will be going there next year. He has learned so much more this year than he did last year and he constantly amazes me with how quickly he picks up new things. I am super proud of my crazy little man!

I know the blogging has been pretty much non-existent lately, but I only have 2 more weeks of school and I'm not taking any classes over the summer so I promise I'll get better (not that anyone really reads it anyway, so I don't know who I'm making this promise to...)

Oh, and Cameron is officially walking. He has been taking steps for a few months now but never really seemed to be able to get moving, but he is all over the place now and walks more than he crawls. I consider it official now that he can just stand up from the ground and walk without having to crawl over to something and pull up.