Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I have learned this week....

1 - Being a single mom is hard. No matter how independent and strong I think I am, I need my husband. He has been gone since Tues and is coming home Sun. I can't wait :)
2 - Filling a pool takes forever.
3 - No matter how level the ground may seem to the naked eye, when you fill a pool with water you see just how uneven it is. And it takes just as long to drain as it does to fill....
4 - A busted lip on a 16 month old looks much worse than it is.
5 - My Shark steam mop works really well to clean blood off a white tile floor.
6 - Brayden is not a huge fan of playing t-ball, and 3 games in one week is a little much (especially when I'm dragging both boys there by myself).
7 - Eating too much and not running for a week = gaining weight.
8 - Always make sure doors are unlocked before you go outside without keys. Maybe we should hide a key outside somewhere...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have a fridge in our garage, and I went out there this morning to grab Brayden a drink. I was half dressed - in a tank top and underwear, while my shorts were tumbling in the dryer. Brayden followed me out - also in a t-shirt and underwear - and closed the door behind him. I had locked the door last night, which we never ever do, but Rubin is out of town so I guess I was just being extra careful for whatever reason. So...I try to go back inside and realize that both of us are locked out of the house, with no pants on. After having a slight panic attack, I realized my only option was to somehow go break in through a window in the back yard, but I had no idea how to get there without giving all of the neighbors a major peep show! I found a blanket in the garage and wrapped it around my waist and we made a run for it. Of course the neighbors across the street were setting up for a garage sale and the old man next door was standing in his garage having a cigarette. I just ignored them and ran :)
Couldn't get the screen out of the window so I just ripped it and threw Brayden through to come unlock the back door for me (yeah, I left the windows unlocked, but I'm very thankful for that now!!).
So, needless to say, we had an eventful morning! Thank God Cameron was still asleep and not running around the house like a wild child :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Safety Town

So Brayden has Safety Town this week and he has been looking forward to it for months. Today was the first day and I was asking him about it tonight. He is somewhat how the conversation went:

Me: So what did you learn today? Did any policemen or firemen come and talk to you?
B: Just a policeman. Just one.
Me: So what did he talk to you about?
B: It was a SHE, not a he. He just talked to us about being safe. You remember that time when I was like 3 when the policeman came to my school that day? Like when I was 3? I remember it all the way from a long time to go. And remember the firemans came too? They showed us around inside the ambulance and showed us where the hurt and died people go. When somebody is died and they have blood all over them it is just terrible, so they cover them up with a white sheet so you don't have to see how terrible it looks. Remember when Tupacs got shot? He got shot with a gun and he died. So when Tupacs got shot with a gun there was blood everywhere so they covered him up with the sheet because it was just terrible and they didn't want people to see how terrible it was.....

And then there was some sort of distraction. I still have no clue what the police officer talked to them about today.