Monday, July 12, 2010


First of all, when did my little boy grow up??? I can't believe he is starting kindergarten in just over a month. Crazy!
We are in the Oswego school district, which I have heard nothing but wonderful things about, but we are pretty disappointed that they only offer 1/2 day kindergarten. We just got the official notice that he will go in the mornings - the hours are 8:40 to 11:15. He was in preschool longer than that! We have just recently started to consider putting him in a private school that is all day, but of course we have waited a long time to even start the search so I don't know what the chances are of things working out. Plus it's expensive vs free. We had never even really considered private school before since we are in a good district, but I am really starting to think that it might be worth it just for this year to have him in the structure of a full day program.
We definitely welcome any suggestions and opinions as we consider the options!!!