Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pigs - by Brayden Chrisman

So I am terrible at blogging.  I keep thinking that I should do it more often, and usually come up with great things to write about when I'm in the shower, but when I finally sit down at the end of the day I'm done with creative thought.  But here I am, trying again.  Maybe I'll stick with it more than once or twice a year this time.  We'll see :)
My first post required no thought at all - just another kid story I wanted to share.  I really want to get better about writing these things down.  I know that nobody reads my blog anyway - I just enjoy being able to go back and read stories about the funny things my kids do (especially since I have 3 kids and 0 baby books).  So I just looked through Brayden's pile of schoolwork on the dining room table since I haven't been home the past 2 nights and found this lovely story (complete with illustration).

Did you know that pigs are very smart?  Pigs are the animals that give you ribs.  Pigs behave, eat, and live in many different ways.  Pigs eat dead animals like bugs but they don't just eat dead animals they also eat corn and grain.  Pigs roll in the mud to stay cool.  Pigs live on many barns but some pigs live in the wild.  Wild pigs normaley live in the forest. Pigs are real intruesting aren't they!

I love this kid :)  For the most part the story sounds like a typical 2nd grade boy writing about pigs, but I love that his 2nd sentence was that they give you ribs.  Hilarious.  And I'm pretty proud of his spelling for the most part, although not sure why pigs live on many barns...

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